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Frequent urination – causes and solutions

Urination is something that we all do several times a day without thinking or worrying about it. But that changes when you start to feel like you have to use the toilet more often than usual. Sometimes even everyday life can be affected by the frequent urge to urinate, especially if the urge to urinate is disturbing our nighttime sleep and preventing us from getting the well-needed rest. By reading this article you will find out all about the causes of frequent urination in men and women and how to help yourself.

What is frequent urination?

A healthy person produces 1 to 2 liters of urine within 24 hours. How frequent is normal urination? – It depends on the bladder capacity and also on how well your bladder is trained to hold the urine. On average, a person has to urinate between two and eight times a day. However, these are only average values ​​- for example, those who exercise and sweat a lot may have to go fewer times. On the other hand, if you drink more than 2 liters of water a day, you also produce significantly more urine. When the bladder fills up to 100ml you can start feeling the urge to urinate and when the bladder gets filled up from 200 – 300ml the urge to urinate can become more intense. Depending on the daily rhythm, eating, and drinking behavior, it can also be normal to go to the toilet every night. If you don’t feel particularly disturbed by this, everything is fine. However, if you have to drink a lot more during the day and at night, despite the normal drinking amount, but you only produce a little urine or you have to urinate so often and so much that makes you drink considerably more than usually – then a visit to the doctor and further diagnosis is recommended. The same applies if you constantly feel the need to urinate even though your bladder is hardly filled. What is the reason for frequent urination? Sometimes the reason is an irritable bladder, and sometimes the problem has psychological causes. But there are often organic triggers that can also be treated very well.

Frequent urination in men

A very common cause of frequent urination in men is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as benign prostate enlargement. The prostate is a small gland the size of a walnut which begins to enlarge in the majority of men between the ages of 40 and 50. When enlarged it can press on the bladder and squeeze the urethra. The result is: frequent urge to urinate and/or having trouble emptying the bladder completely even if there is a low amount of urine in the bladder. This can lead to problems such as bladder infection. There are other, rarer causes for the frequent urination in men:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Tumors
  • Muscle relaxation in old age
  • Certain medications
  • Past operations on and around the urinary tract

Frequent urination in women

One of the most common causes of frequent urination in women is cystitis. Almost every woman had this annoying infection at some point in their lives. The cause is usually an increasing number of bacteria. Since the woman’s urethra is quite short, bacteria from the intimate and anal areas can easily find their way here. The symptoms are mainly characterized by:

  • Constant urge to urinate without really having to. Sometimes there is no relief even after urinating
  • Severe burning sensation during or after urination
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Occasional appearance of blood in the urine
  • In severe cases fever can appear – then you should urgently consult a doctor.

This kind of inflammation, whether mild or severe, is usually felt quite clearly by women.

But what when you just have urinate especially often or more frequently at night without the presence of other symptoms? Frequent urination without pain and other noticeable symptoms usually has other causes.

Similar to men, this includes venereal diseases, tumors, muscle relaxation, and past operations. In women, however, such causes are found far less responsible for frequent urination than in men and therefore the diagnosis “irritable bladder” is made.

What is frequent urination

Frequent urination at night

You may notice that urination is normal during the day, but you have to go to the toilet more often at night. The doctors then speak of nocturia. Nocturia is the need for urinating more than two times at night.

The first thing to check is your eating habits: do you drink evenly throughout the day or do you drink more in the evening? Drinking alcohol in the evening can have a diuretic effect at bedtime.

In relatively rare cases, the hidden disease is responsible for frequent urination :

  • Heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of ADH
  • Overactive bladder
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Bladder volume reduction
  • Infections
  • Certain medications that have a drainage effect

What helps with frequent urination at night?
 If a hidden disease is found, it should be immediately treated. Avoiding coffee and alcohol in the evening reduces the urge to use the toilet. If taking medication that can cause the urge to urinate, talk to your doctor about whether it can be taken at a different time of day. If you have swollen legs, put them up early before going to bed to give your body a chance to get rid of the water before going to bed. Also, herbal dietary supplements can be considered.

When to see a doctor?

If you notice symptoms of frequent urination, medical clarification is always helpful. If there is a presence of pain or fever, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible. Infections can, progress to the kidneys and can cause severe kidney inflammation. However, most of the time, inflammation does not get that far, more often patients leave the doctor’s office without any discoveries of severe diseases and then look for natural ways to ease the symptoms of frequent urination. Even the frequent urination can be very annoying in the long run, there are often simple solutions with which you can alleviate the problem or even eliminate it.

Natural remedies for frequent urination and urination at night

In some cases, a visit to the doctor and, for example, taking an antibiotic may be necessary. The doctor should also rule out some other causes that may need medical attention, such as a previously unknown diabetes disease, heart failure, or changes in the mineral balance of the body. If there is all-clear, you can help yourself with numerous natural remedies, which have no side effects. For example in the case of a bacterial bladder infection, sugar D-mannose or bearberry leaves have proven to be an alternative to the chemical antibiotic. However, there are also different dietary supplements that contain various natural active ingredients and thus cover several causes of frequent urination. One of these supplements is Regen50 from Nutrilago.

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Training the bladder is also a great help for reducing frequent urge to urinate: Try not to go to the toilet when you first feel the urge to urinate, because this way the body gets used to signaling urgent need even when the bladder is not full. Also, the urine stream should never be intentionally interrupted. Targeted training of the pelvic floor muscles through daily, alternating tensing and relaxing can help both men and women especially against unpleasant “dribbling“.

How Regen50 can help with frequent urination?

Regen50 are natural nutritional supplements for adults that are taken in the form of a capsule and do not cause any side effects when used properly. The only exception would be a rare allergic reaction to one of the ingredients – a fact that can occur with every medication, nutritional supplement, and food without exception. Regen50 contains sabal palm fruit extract, pumpkin seed extract, and the extract from African plum bark. The ingredients are enriched with vitamins C, E, and B6 as well as zinc and magnesium. Regen50 works against symptoms such as frequent urination at night and numerous causes of urination problems, such as benign prostate enlargement as a cause of frequent urination. For example, pumpkin seeds have been used traditionally and for centuries as a natural means of strengthening the bladder.

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